What are Nicotine Salts?


Salt nicotine liquids are one of the latest development in liquids. They are different from regular liquids in both their composition and effects.

Standard liquids have a higher PH level than salt nic. This increased alkalinity leads you to experience the throat hit when you vape, and with a higher strength liquid, it can be quite harsh.

What Are Nicotine Salts


Conversely, salt nicotine has a lower ph level, meaning you’ll experience a smoother throat hit, even at high nicotine strengths.

This means that you effectively have a faster-acting liquid, works for longer, and are smoother on your throat when vaped.

Although not as standard freebase nicotine found in most liquid nicotine salts. Nicotine salts or nic salts based vape juice is primarily used in siga like devices or other close system devices or other closed system devices. Still, it is becoming more familiar and other devices as well.

In this article, we cover up some essential differences between these two forms of nicotine.

Nicotine salt is dissolved into a base of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, just like other liquids. It absorbs into your bloodstream much more quickly than freebase nicotine, but although it absorbs faster, it does not absorb as efficiently or stay in your bloodstream’s law because of this much higher.

How to use it?

You have to be aware of the e-cigarette system you are using by using nicotine salt. This e-liquid form is not for high-powered, sub-ohm mod devices. You can instead look for a lower wattage model; for this, a pod system is ideal.

You’ll generally find salt nicotine liquids in the higher strengths of 10mg and 20mg.

Most often available in 50 to 60 VG mix ratios, we recommend using these liquids with a compact vape kit or pod device. There are now a growing number of salt nicotine booster shots that can be used with shortfill liquids.

In this case, use a kit compatible with your liquid’s VG content; 60% VG and higher means you should use a sub-ohm kit.

Also, try to avoid chain vaping or continuous vaping,  as you may experience nicotine hit that’s too strong!

When choosing your ideal nicotine content, we recommend you start low and work your way up.

Remember that despite the smooth throat hit, you’ll experience salt blends are, most of the time, high nicotine liquids.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The addition of benzoic acid will also speed up the body’s absorption of nicotine. This would translate to a more rapid effect on tobacco than a mist would have on freebase nicotine-e-liquids.

Salt nics have their positive and negative consequences like everything. Salt nics may not be perfect for you, but they have a higher nicotine level, even though the throat is soft than other people are used to, but you do not want to switch it if you disagree with more nicotine powers.

Additionally, the taste profile of a freebase nicotine e-liquid will be even more significant and more noticeable. The nicotine dose will influence the amount of taste in freebase e-liquids. This does not apply to nicotine salts to get a whole body savor, even at high nicotine levels.

In comparison, salt nicotine liquids are not available in high VG concentrations, so you might want to consider using a nicotine booster shot with a shortfall or try nicotine sals if you wish to create large clouds or choose sub-ohm vaporization.

Also, we’d undoubtedly suggest salt nicotine if you’re searching for nicotines that don’t cut the flavor as much as regular mixtures, satisfy cravings long, and are perfect for smaller steam kits.